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These Terms and Conditions apply to the relation between - trademark of Dostavki Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the Provider and each individual who wants to benefit from the services of the Provider, hereinafter referred to as Customer.

Personal Data

Provider collects and retains information about those who register on the site This information is stored in a secure database and it is only accessible to authorized employees of the Provider. Provider does not provide it to third parties except for information required by subcontracting courier companies.

The information collected from users is used solely in relation to the ongoing services from Provider.

Purchases From Online Stores Through an Unique ID Number

Customers have the opportunity to register for free on the site and to receive their unique ID number, after agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

The way Customers use their ID numbers for purchases from online stores is their responsibility. In order to deliver quickly and efficiently the products to customers, they must properly complete their ID numbers in the address field of the application. Provider does not bear responsibility for orders arrived at the address of the Provider without unique ID number or with ID numbers filled in incorrectly. The method of ordering goods is described in the "How It Works" page.

The Customer shall be informed promptly for the arrival of the shipments as soon as they come to the address of Provider in the UK. This is done through the website (in "Orders History" section) and through automatically sent email.

Provider transports the goods from the UK to the nearest office of the Econt courier company, where the customer will be notified for the arrival and the conditions of receiving of the goods. Exceptions are made for non-standard products in size and weight, for which a special arrangement is made in advance. Deliveries are made on the current Price list. Deliveries are made weekly at the end of the working week.

Upon receipt of the package at our warehouse in London with missing ID number of the recipient, the Provider is not responsible for the delivery. However, the Provider will do everything possible to find the recipient and to deliver the package. On the "Orders without ID number" page Provider will publish pictures and descriptions of these goods and will await response from the Customers who ordered them. Upon proof of ownership through proper document, Provider will initiate the delivery of the goods to the customer. Unclaimed goods within the period of three months will be destroyed.

Transport of the Goods

Provider is not liable for any damage of the goods caused during their transport if the damage is due to the specific properties of the goods/items or due to force majeure.

Provider is not liable for any damage caused during the transportation of the goods/items if the damage is caused by poor packaging, the goods are unpacked or goods are without the specific markings (fragile, etc.).

For security reasons the Provider may require from Customer proof of 100% payment to the store/site for consignments delivered by the Provider.

Provider has the right to require from Customer personal document/proof of identity, upon receipt of shipment. Customer data is used solely by the Provider for better service and security, and is not provided to any third party.

Provider shall not be responsible for late delivery caused due to technical or other problems beyond themselves. Provider reserves the right to change the schedule of deliveries.

Prohibited Items

It is forbidden to send the following items: narcotics, drugs, medicaments, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos and all tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, animals, all kinds of jewellery, currency, firearms and ammunition, goods for which customs declaration is required, and there is no such, accompanying the goods, substances and goods, prohibited by the laws of each country through the transportation, human organs, goods which have been stolen, misappropriated, acquired by violence or other criminal means, products dangerous to human life and health, as well as all items, which possession or use is prohibited by Bulgarian and European legislation.

Provider reserves the right to refuse transportation of goods at their own discretion!

Change of Terms and Conditions

We, the Team of have the right to change these Terms and Conditions at our sole discretion at any time. We urge customers to check this page regularly to monitor changes. It is Customer’s responsibility to monitor changes in the General Conditions.

Customer's Agreement to These Terms

By using this site and the services of, Customers confirm their agreement with them. If Customers continue to use the Site after the changes in the Terms and Conditions, it shall be considered as acceptance and agreement with them.

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If you have questions about the Terms and Conditions of (trademark of Dostavki Ltd.), the way of working of the Site or the Provider or regarding your dealings with the site, please contact us:

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