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Delivery of goods from online stores

DostavkiUK offers you an address in London, on which you can direct the goods you have purchased from online stores stores in the UK and Europe. We will deliver your shipments to Bulgaria and to your address. It often happens to find the right item, gift, garment or the goods you are searching online, but the cost of delivery to Bulgaria makes pointless your discovery. There are sites that do not even make deliveries to Bulgaria. We offer an excellent solution to the problem, such as by registering on our website and directing the goods to our address in Enfield we will deliver any item to your address in Bulgaria at affordable price!

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DostavkiUK.comDelivery of goods from the UK to Bulgaria

As a licensed carrier with regular weekly deliveries from United Kingdom to Bulgaria, DostavkiUK can be helpful for the carriage of goods, luggage, documents and more. All goods are carried under the CMR Convention. We provide transportation of industrial goods, commercial goods, personal baggage, parcels, auto parts, furniture, appliances, scooters, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, etc. offers reliable service at the most reasonable prices!

If you have special cargo or questions, please contact us to get the necessary information.


Prohibited items

Prohibited itemsPlease note: It is forbidden to send the following items: narcotics, drugs, medicaments, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos and all tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, animals, all kinds of jewellery, currency, firearms and ammunition, goods for which customs declaration is required, and there is no such, accompanying the goods, substances and goods, prohibited by the laws of each country through the transportation, human organs, goods which have been stolen, misappropriated, acquired by violence or other criminal means, products dangerous to human life and health, as well as all items, which possession or use is prohibited by Bulgarian and European legislation.



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