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DostavkiUK offers you to buy products from online stores in United Kingdom and Europe, and we will deliver them to you as quickly as possible and at reasonable prices. Probably, you have happened to find interesting product that was missing in our market or one whose price was lower, but what have interrupted your enthusiasm were the delivery costs to Bulgaria or absence of Bulgaria in the list of destinations. DostavkiUK offers you an easy and efficient solution – order the goods on our address in Enfield and we will deliver them at unbeatable prices!

How it works


Register for FreeSign up to our site. Registration is free and you can make it anytime. You have to provide your real address in Bulgaria, on which your orders will arrive. Our system will generate a unique ID number for you.

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Make orders with your personal ID numberWhen you shop from UK online stores, you would specify the delivery address of DostavkiUK warehouse in Enfield. Most stores offer free delivery within the UK.

When filling in the consignee, in the first row for address, you have to type
Dostavki UK ID: ******, replacing the asterisks with your unique ID number.
On the second row, you have to fill in delivery address (see example in the picture on the right).

It is important the consignment to arrive to us with your appropriate ID, so we know where to deliver your goods.

Here's an exmaple of correct address format:

Your name
Dostavki UK ID:(Your unique ID number)
46 Lockfield Avenue
EN3 7 PX
United Kingdom


Get Your StuffWithin a week, we will deliver your package to Bulgaria, depending on your choice - delivery to the nearest Econt office or your home. Payment for the transportation is made through the courier that will bring the shipment. (For a complete Price List, please visit Prices).

You can track the status of your order through the menu options of your account.

IMPORTANT : All items received during the week will be registered to your account every Saturday !

See the Price List here


For your convenience, we offer a list of some of the most popular online shopping sites: